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How to Report:
  1. Click on the tab ‘Raise a Concern’.

  2. Fill in the Complaint form.

  3. Notice if any question is marked (*). It is mandatory to be filled.

  4. If you have any evidence in the form of a photograph, voice record, video, data or other supporting document, please enclose your evidence by clicking on the field ‘Attachment’.

  5. Having finished filling, please click on the button ‘Submit’.

  6. Standard Report Category:
  7. Please note that this list is illustrative and not exhaustive. You may make any complaint on integrity violation.
    1. Bribery, receive/give gifts, cash, entertainment, etc.
    2. Any form of bribery, corruption include receiving and giving:
      • Cash,
      • Commission,
      • Gifts & Entertainment in the form of cash or kind such as: gift items/goods, mobile phones, gift vouchers, shopping vouchers, restaurant vouchers, hotel vouchers, cinema tickets, concert tickets, airline tickets, trips/tours, etc.
      • Others amenities or facilities, for eg. Car provided to employee by vendor in return of a reward of contract or personal dealings with vendor or any form of illegal gratification, etc.

    3. Conflict of Interest:
      • The event or circumstances or transactions resulting in a conflict of personal and company interest.

    4. Counterfeiting and IT Theft:
      • Counterfeiting of goods, theft of IT/IP/ any other data,
      • Any information or knowledge about counterfeiting/illegal copy of our goods in the market and misuse of logos, copyrights, patents, IT systems, email and others intellectual property.

    5. Fraud
      • Stealing and theft,
      • Any act of fraud,
      • Financial crime (for eg. bank fraud, fictitious payment, etc).

    6. Internal Controls:
      • Lack of controls related to accounting/recording of financial statements,
      • Lack of internal controls,
      • Auditing matters, etc.

    7. Unethical sales and marketing practices:
      Unethical sales and marketing practices such as dumping of goods, mark up sales, fictitious invoices & claims, dummy customers, etc.

    8. Vendor Favoritism and Kickbacks:
      • Vendor favoritism to gain certain benefits or other interests that benefit the employee for e.g. employee making fake quotation etc.
      • Breach of confidentiality with:
        • Disclose company confidential information to unauthorized parties/ competitors; intentionally or unintentionally use any data or system or confidential information of the Company for personal benefit.