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Welcome to Ethics Helpline India

This web portal is provided by Company to give you a chance to make anonymous complaints about fraud, misconduct, integrity violation, breach of law and regulations, unacceptable unethical practices, either done by employees, third party intermediaries or partners viz. vendors/customers/distributors/consultants, etc. or other related parties in relation to GILAC in India.

Your willingness to raise complaint and report in good faith will help to create a better working culture and environment at GILAC in India.

You can make anonymous complaints provided it is made in good faith. Identity of the complainant will be kept confidential. Complainant will be protected against any adverse action including discharging, threatening, and/or discrimination against any reporting action which done by Complainant, as long as the complaint is made in good faith.

You can also make complaints via the following mechanism,

1. Web portal: https://www.godrejspeakup.com
2. Email: ethicsindia@godrejinds.com
3. Toll free number: 1800 22 5548
4. Contact Whistleblowing Officer – Mr. V. Swaminathan
    Telephone number: +91-022-25194403 / +91-9819825526
    Email: ve.swaminathan@godrejinds.com

Refer to the Whistleblowing Policy for further details.